Singapore Cyber Conquest (SCC)

*New Update*
Please kindly note that there will be a pre-competition briefing at 5PM on 26th September 2011 at Suntec Convention Centre, Concourse Area at Level 3 (Open area just beside the escalator).

All participants are strongly encouraged to attend this briefing. Teams that fail to attend the briefing will be disqualified from the competition, so teams should ensure that at least one representative is present for the briefing. Teams on the waiting list are also encouraged to attend the briefing so in the event that there are teams being disqualified, teams on the waiting list will take their places (Subjected to physical presence on briefing day and according to priority).

Please bring along your NRICs / IDs and matriculation cards for the purpose of attendance taking and verification.

Please be punctual for the briefing. Teams that are late for the briefing will be disqualified.


For this year's Govware Singapore Cyber Conquest event, the Ministry of Home Affairs and Image-Engine have partnered with ThinkSECURE Pte Ltd to bring their unique AIRRAID(tm) IT-security tournament brand and format to the table to make this year's Singapore Cyber Conquest event the "AIRRAID(tm) Edition"!

It is a FULL-BLOWN STORYLINE-BASED INTEGRATED WIRELESS, WIRED & APPLICATION SECURITY tournament setup where teams of contenders showcase their skills against a PURPOSE-BUILT, MULTI-SEGMENT, ENTERPRISE-CLASS, WIRELESS + WIRED NETWORK AND WEB/APPLICATION SERVER INFRASTRUCTURE, the type of infrastructure just like you will find in real-world organizations!

Judges will score the teams on the basis of time and difficulty. The faster they can conduct a successful penetration against this target infrastructure, the more points they score. If they can breach the perimeter, they face other tough challenges in trying to break into various distributed systems to retrieve information.


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